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About Us


During the past two decades, First Missionary has focused on the practical issue of ministry and Christian life as numerous opportunities occur for ministry works.

First Missionary operated the Miller Avenue Christian Academy for 10 years ministering to children and families throughout the city. Other helping ministries include the fifteen-year old “Food Pantry Program,” in which volunteers have served thousands of people who find themselves in need of food. First Missionary has engaged itself in numerous evangelistic and community events throughout the city, the county, the state and the world: sponsorship of a Hispanic Mission Church; Iglesia Sureste; providing monthly financial support to a missionary through the “Gospel For Asia” program, as well as Missionaries Freddy and Nora Saenz who are currently serving in Mexico working through the Wycliffe Bible Translators Program. The First Missionary global outreach missions have included mission trips to Africa, India, Brazil, Spain, and Japan.

The church’s Christian development ministries include Bible studies, youth activities, various spiritual growth conferences, all-church fellowship events, leadership workshops and communications ministries which include weekly internet Sunday morning Services.

Over the years, to more effectively carry out our mission of ministry and the challenge of the great commission to carry the gospel into all of the world, First Missionary has been in the forefront of educational ans social ministry.

The influence of the First Missionary ministries can be felt within our community, across the nation and throughout the world.



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