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Each Wednesday from Morning to Evening (6:00 pm) starting September 23, 2009 to December 30, 2009

Fasting is eating sparingly or abstaining from food and liquids altogether, but Spiritual fasting also entails setting aside activities as well as reducing the intake of food and replacing these activities with the exercise of prayer, meditation on the Word, and preoccupation with spiritual concerns.

Three types of fast are generally recognized: normal, in which there is no intake of food for a prescribed period of time, though there may be an intake of liquids; partial, in which the diet is limited, though some food is allowed; and absolute, in which there is a total abstinence from food and liquids in all forms.

Regular fasts were usually for one day, morning to evening, with food permitted at night( Judges 20:26(NLT) Then all the Isrealites went up to Bethel and wept in the presence of the Lord and fasted until evening…; 1 Samuel 7:6(NLT)… They also went without food all day and confessed that they had sinned against the Lord. …) although there are reports of longer fasts, such as Mordecai’s call for a 3-day fast (night and day specified( (Est 4:16) and the 7-day fast as Saul’s Death (1Sm 31:13; 2 Sm 3:35). Among special fast were Moses’ 40 Days on Mt Sinai (EX 34:28) and Daniel’s 3-week fast prior to receiving visions (Dn 9:3; 10:32 12).

In general, in the Old Testament, fasting was abused. Instead of a sincere act of self-renunciation to God, fasting became externalized as an empty ritual in which a pretense of piety was presented as a public image. Hence, the prophets cry out against the callousness of such hypocrisy. Jeremiah records Yahweh as saying, “Though they fast, I will not hear their cry” (Jer 14:12;see Is 58:1-10).


1. Spiritual Renewal

2. Revival

3. Deliverance

4. Breakthrough

5. Mission Fervor

6. Hearts for Evangelism

7. Committed Christian Leaders



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