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Audio of Prev Sermons

Here you can listen to previous sermons. Click on the title that you would like to listen to.

02-28-10 Rev. Howard Batchelor

02-21-10 A Price to See the Presence by Rev. David Rhea

02-14-10 You Can Trust Him by Rev. C.M. Singleton


01-31-10 Stir up the Gift by Rev. C.M. Singleton

01-24-10 You have what you need by Rev. C.M. Singleton

01-17-10 Sermon by Rev. David Rhea

01-10-10 Work it out by Rev. C.M Singleton

01-03-10 The Word became flesh by Rev. C. M. Singleton

12-27-09 The Perfect Storm” by Rev. David Rhea

12-20-09 He’s Able” by Rev. C.M. Singleton

12-13-09 Sermon by Rev. C.M. Singleton

12-06-09 Mind of Christ” by Rev. Larry Rhea





11-03-09 Revival “Betting Back to The Basics” by Rev. Evans

11-2-09 Revival Guest Speaker

11-1-09 Kinfolks Sunday Guest Speaker Rv. EC Robinson

10-18-09 Just A Voice by Rev. Alvester Jackson at Pastor Anniversary

10-18-09 Don’t Be Fooled by Pastor Singleton

10-11-09 Add God to your gold list by Rev. C.M. Singleton

10-04-09 It’s the Cross That Makes The Difference by. Rev. Larry Rhea

09-27-09 Dropped But Not Forgotten by Rev. David Rhea

09-23-09 Be Still & Know by Rev. C.M. Singleton

09-13-09 Wisdom For The Next Chapter of Life by Rev. C.M. Singleton

09-06-09 A Call To Community by Rev. C.M. Singleton

08-30-09 The Awesomeness of Devine Power by Rev. Gene Peyton

08-23-09 “The Audacity of the Authority” by Rev. David Rhea

08-16-09 “Equip the Saints” for perfection by Rev. Larry Rhea

08-09-09 Exalting the Savior by Rev. Singleton

08-02-09 Five Needs for Christian Growth by Rev. Singleton

07-26-09 Is it a sin to smoke… by Rev. Singleton

07-19-09 Sermon by Rev. Singleton

07-12-09 From Pit To Praise By Rev. Singleton

07-05-09 The Sinner, The Savior and the Sycamore by Rev. David Rhea


06-21-09 Live Long and Prosper by Rev. Singleton

06-14-09 Preparing to Rejoice by Rev. Peyton

06-07-09 Living in the Gap…by Rev. Singleton

05-31-09 God All by Himself by Rev. Singleton

05-24-09 What are you saying? by Rev. Singleton

05-17-09 Jesus, The answer for a lame culture by Rev. David Rhea


05-03-09 Get your feet wet by Rev. Singleton


More to Come



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